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Michael Gallagher: “This is why we need professional juries”

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So apparently the gym that my wife and I go to has Fox News on the TV. When we went this evening around 2100, Hannity was on the air. Bonus – keeps my mind off the running.

Well, given the whole Casey Anthony verdict, it shouldn’t be a surprise what the discussion was in regards to the Hannity staple segment, “The Great American Panel”. The problem is, I wouldn’t consider one of the panel members a great American after hearing him talk.

Radio talk show host, Michael Gallagher, said that the Anthony case is why we need professional juries and not dopes. What? I’m hoping I can get a transcript of the show tonight, because I shit you not, he said that. He then proceeded to talk about how juries are getting paid off.

What? Are you kidding me? He referenced jurors standing to make $25-30k a shot with their stories. Really? That’s a pay off? After the fact to tell a story?

As the segment continued on, it seemed to me that he has the view that the justice system should operate as “guilty until proven innocent”, but again, I wasn’t able to remember what he said exactly as I was a) Working out and b) Pissed off with his professional juries comment.