Lulz, Bernero’s Assistant makes more than him

Hat tip from WILX indicates that a fellow by the name of Steve Harry FOIA’d Lansing for a list of all city employees and their wages.

Turns out that Bernero’s Exec. Assistant makes more than him, to the tune of $10,415.13 more.

While we’re at it… highest paid city employee? City Attorney John M Roberts Jr., raking in a total of $149,475.51

Just based on straight wages though, here are the following people making more than the ol’ boy Virg.

Name Wages Overtime Misc Final Leave Payment Total Earnings Dept Barg Unit Hourly Rate Position Hire Date Term Date
JEMERSON, MURDOCK 107,245.89 0 1,350.00 0 108,595.89 PARKS EXEC MGMT PLAN $49.65 PKRECDIR 13 09 93

AMBROSE, GERALD 111,915.00 0 150 0 112,065.00 MAYOR EXEC MGMT PLAN $51.81 EXECTAST 01 01 06

SMITH, BRIGHAM C 114,956.22 0 0 0 114,956.22 CITY ATTORNEY EXEC MGMT PLAN $53.59 CTYATTNY 13 03 06

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