Further, clarifying, information regarding the plagiarism incident

This was originally posted on Michigan Taxes on the 14th of December, 2009 before the election. I have subsequently brought it over here. This was in response to the initial article after I was threatened with legal action (which was bullshit by the way, and they never did anything).

I previously wrote an article describing how Virginia Bernero, the daughter of Lansing mayor and potential gubernatorial candidate Virg Bernero, was responsible for plagiarism on a geology class group project. I indicated that as a result, everyone in her group, of which a friend of mine was a member, received a zero grade.

We’ll just say for now that the post attracted the attention of those on the lookout for this sort of thing.

Accusations were made via comments to the original article, and otherwise, that this wasn’t the case and I engaged in defamatory activity.

I’ve never been one to post information known to be false. Ever. I gleaned the initial information in passing from my buddy and subsequently wrote the article. Since then, I’ve gone back and talked with him to get further information.

When I did so, I also recorded it so the story could be known verbatim from his point of view.

Before we get to the recordings, I would like to mention one bit of clarifying information. Jerrett mentioned that he didn’t pass along the URL directly with the information that he shot off to Ms. Bernero. The sources were indicated indirectly in a works cited document. As such, he concedes that he may have been able to prevent the problem in the first place.

However, as you’ll hear in the recordings, it seems as though Ms. Bernero may have known the information wasn’t in Jerrett’s own words when she indicates that the reason the professor wants to talk to them after class was because of plagiarism.

In addition, you may also notice some inconsistencies with how the case was handled by the professor.

As promised, here is the recording of Jerrett, with myself asking the occasional clarifying question or making an occasional statement. Also included is a recording of the letter Jerrett received regarding the plagiarism in the project.

Jerrett Interview
Jerrett Letter

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